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About us

ETGAS is a privately owned Energy-as-a-Service company, a result of more than 15 years of active proprietary  technology development and commercial deployment. 

We have excelled in the conversion of otherwise non-recyclable waste into ultra-clean hydrogen-rich gas — a potential game changer in attaining true net zero  status for hard-to-decarbonize,  energy-intensive industries.  

Our mission… to positively impact the global environment by building hundreds of waste recycling plants, helping our customers to achieve their set net zero carbon emission goals - sooner and at lower cost

How it all began

When gasification was recognized as one of the few solutions to extract the maximum energy out of non-agriculture peat, the first gasifier prototype was built by Eriks Samulis in 2006.

A trial and error approach led to commissioning the first commercial-scale gasification plant in 2010 - it amassed more than 35'000 engine hours.

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A collaboration project with Yorkshire Water (UK) from 2014-2018 proved that our gasification system is perfectly suited to operate commercially on true waste - sewage sludge, RDF, SRF, demolition wood. Since then, our focus has been purely on waste feedstock - an enabler for low-cost renewable gas.

Recognition of our ability to directly help mitigation of planet's  accelerating climate change by delivering low carbon and commercially attractive renewable gas as a replacement for natural gas was the main catalyst for ETGAS to be founded.

With passionate investors supporting our ambitions, ETGAS is in a position to deliver physical plants at a fast pace.


Eriks Samulis
Co-founder, CEO
+44 7860 930 898
  • LinkedIn
Steve Jones_edited.png
Steve Jones
Chief Operating Officer
+44 7969 892 271
  • LinkedIn
Evija Reinholde 
+371 29 208 844
  • LinkedIn
John Shepherd
Technical Operations Manager
+44 7947 545 066
  • LinkedIn
Ivars Pinkulis 
Co-founder, CFO
+371 29 103 283
  • LinkedIn
David Pitt
UK Business
Development Director
+44 7785 230 109
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