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Current plants delivered by ETGAS team

In 2014 ETGAS' now subsidiary Enertecgreen Ltd. delivered and commissioned the first waste gasification plant in the UK for Yorkshire Water's Advanced Thermal Conversion project nearby the company's sewage works at Lower Brighouse. Being developed as a proof-of-concept project to determine sewage sludge gasification feasibility, ETGAS technology proved to be robust enough to convert this most challenging waste feedstock to ultra-clean syngas at high efficiency. While being operated as a R&D plant, in CHP mode it amassed ~10'000 hours on Jenbacher 612 engine, and approx. 3.2 GWh of power was delivered to Yorkshire Water's nearby sludge works, residual heat being used for sludge drying needs. 
After being taken over from Yorkshire Water in early 2021, the plant has now commenced commercial operations. Upon realization of plant capacity upgrade program it will become a benchmark project addressing challenges related to efficient conversion of high moisture content wastes - such as sewage sludge, packaged food waste and digestate, to high value added energy products, incl. renewable hydrogen and bioSNG.

“The exciting thing is the consistent high quality of gas coming out the gasifier. From the moment it was switched on it has consistently produced a flat line graph of gas quality, which is incredible.”

Jon Brigg

Manager of Innovation

Yorkshire Water (UK)

See the project presentation

“A sector leading facility in terms of energy production and emissions providing a template for future sites"

RB Plant on Yorkshire Water

ATC plant project

Read the whole Case Study by RB Plant

In February 2019 a next gasification plant based on our own proprietary technology was commissioned in Mezvidi, Latvia.

Operating in CHP (1,0 MWe) mode, the syngas is combusted in Jenbacher 612 engine, with power being sold to the grid, and heat – to nearby greenhouse complex. The plant's energy efficiency reaches 80%, and is operating at constant 95% up-time on monthly basis.
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